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Guided Tour/Hotlist Activity

Like Guided Practice in a lesson where the teacher guides the student through new material, the Guided Tour/Hotlist is intended to guide the new Internet user through a series of activities that will familiarize the students with content and the use of the Internet.  The guided tour activity limits the need to use search engines.  It focuses the student on a specific content and offers opportunities for the student to make limited choices by limiting the number of sites to be visited.  This activity is an introduction to information on the web.  The intent is to assist the user who is not familiar with searching or to limit a class of students so that material may be covered in a limited amount of time.  This web site is a guided practice that leads users to specific locations determined by the web page creator.  This activity maximizes the use of computer lab time and minimizes the time spent in needless surfing.

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A sample hotlist

China on the Net



The Multimedia Scrapbook can be the result of using a hotlist.  Learners dig through a collection of Internet sites organized around specific categories such as, photographs, maps, stories, facts, quotations, sound clips, videos, virtual reality tours, etc. A Multimedia Hotlist provides links to the content types and the students then can download, copy and paste, and choose the elements to create their project.  Learners use the Scrapbook to find aspects of the broader topic that they feel are important. Students could create a variety of formats: newsletter, desktop slide presentation, collage, bulletin board, PowerPoint, or web page.


A sample Multimedia Scrapbook  Turn of the Century Child

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