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Using and Creating Web-Based Lessons



Module 1

Web-Based Learning


Using WebQuests

The WebQuest Portal--Dodge

Basic Web Page Design Using Word as the Web Editor

Tutorial on MS Word


Module 2

Searching: Becoming a Better Searcher

How to Find what you want

Quick Reference Guide

Best Engine for Specific Needs

Exploring Web Resources

Finding Appropriate Materials on the Web

Advanced Searching Strategies

WebQuests to Checkout


Questgarden: Tool for Making WebQuests

Search for Quests

Evaluating WebQuests


Module 3

WebQuest Templates

| Word Template 2

| PowerPoint Template

Filamentality - create hotlists, samplers, hunts, and webquests

        Web Poster/Worksheet Wizard - create web-based activity pages

        Teach-nology WebQuest Generator - The page provides an outline and generates a page, but doesn't store it or make the links active.

        WebQuest Templates - San Diego State's master templates

        WebQuest Template - you download the template.

Download by right click/Save Target As/ File will download to your computer http://projects.edtech.sandi.net/staffdev/tpss99/mywebquest/index.htm


WebQuest Design

Adapting WebQuests

Step by Step to Your WebQuest

Creating WebQuests

Make It Work

Beginning Your WebQuest

Design Process

Defining your problem

Module 4


Rubistar--site where you create a rubric using a wizard

Cooperative Learning Techniques

Principles of good web page design

Copyright Concerns

Tools for Use in Designing a WebQuest




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