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Digital Storytelling



Module 1

What is Digital Storytelling?

Why use Digital Storytelling in my Classroom?

Examples of Digital Stories

Preview Digital Stories

Elements of Digital Stories

Creating a digital story project

Using Photo Story

Using Movie Maker II

Planning Guide

How to Create A Simple Digital Story


Module 2

Planning and Producing a Digital Story

Developing a Storyboard


Writing a Narrative (Script)

Gathering Media: Images and Sounds


Putting It All Together

         Saving it to a CD

         Saving it to a DVD

         Saving it to the Web

         Presenting it to an audience

Module 3

Research on Digital Storytelling

Value of Digital Storytelling in Education

Primary Access


Finding and Evaluating Exemplary Digital Stories

Center for Digital Storytelling


Using Technology to Enhance Literacy


Module 4

Instructional Activities Using Digital Stories

Developing Lessons around Digital Stories

Developing Stories with Students

Creating Digital Stories with Primary Sources

Uploading Online and Copyright Issues

Links to Digital Story Sites