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Sparks Fly
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Assignments and Help

Below are links to forms through which you submit some of your work.

    Resource Submission  

You are expected to review web sites that relate to your area of instructional interest.  This form is the method of submission.

    Web site Goals

Before creating a web site, you must consider the purpose, objectives, audience, content, interactivity, and "look" of the site.  Submit your plans using this form.

    Site Mapping Assignment

In order to function properly, your site must be organized.  This form helps you to organize the site and determine how all the parts will fit together to make the whole site effective.

    Trouble with Code Form

Using code sometimes leads to trouble and frustration.  Rather than be stuck and frustrated, submit your page of code using this form so that I may help you.  

This page was updated on:  04/10/02