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1.What is the goal of this website? Examples: to advertise, to showcase an organization, to provide information, to educate individuals about a particular topic, to provide a service. Be sure to be specific about the goals.

2.Who is the intended audience? (potential customers, friends, family, students)

3.What do you want to tell the reader?

4.What do you want the reader to tell you?

5.How will your presentation on the Internet differ from the current techniques you use to communicate with the public? How will it be the same?

6.What existing material will you use in the web site? (brochures, flyers, manuals, database files, TV commercials, photos). In what form do the files exist? (digital, print, ?)

7.List a realistic set of goals which you feel you can accomplish in this course.  Be careful not to set unrealistic goals. A typical beginning site is 3-10  pages, 2-10 graphics, and 5-10 external links.

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