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From Camelot to Kent

Social Studies

Standards of Learning:  Virginia

Unit Length:  one week      USII.8F USII.9
Materials Required: computers, Internet access, VCR    USII.10A, D USII.11
Length of Lesson: 90 minutes   WHII.10J WHII.10K

Concepts Taught:  Historical events of the 1960 with special emphasis on the people that shaped the times.

Grade Level: 11 VA/U. S. History (may be modified for grades USII and WHII)

Introduction of UnitHistory of the 1960’s


            The student will interpret the significance of excerpts from famous speeches and documents in United States History including: I have a dream…., Ask not what your country can do for you…, The Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

            The student will develop skills in discussion, debate, and persuasive writing with respect to enduring issues and determine how divergent view points have been addressed and reconciled. Such issues include: civil disobedience vs. the rule of law, slavery and its impact (civil rights) .

Students will be required to:

·          Think and write about current knowledge/perceptions concerning the 1960’s.

·         Participate in a class discussion which examines the events of the 1960’s and how they have impacted this generation.

Resources Needed:

1.     TV & VCR

2.      Notepaper

3.     Video montage

4.     CD Player


Evaluation of Students:

·         Observation of students during small group discussions

·         Participation by students during class discussion

·         Written report detailing information learned in the unit and how the events of the 1960s affect life today.


During this unit, you will be placed in groups to perform assigned tasks. Each group will be assigned an event from the 1960’s (1960 - 1970.) You will be investigating this time period regarding cultural attitudes, civil rights, politics, lifestyle, music, etc. By the end of the unit you will be able to trace historical events and/or attitudes and the impacts they have on today.

Unit Requirements

We will create a timeline, which will go from 1960-1970and which will be placed on a bulletin board. Each day throughout the weeks of the unit, two students will be responsible for bringing in a short synopsis of an event that took place during their respective year. They will make a brief(10-15 min.) presentation to the class about the event (date, place, and significance) and the item will be placed on the timeline. Each student must do AT LEAST one timeline presentation. (5 Points for presentation). Extra points may be earned by doing additional presentations.


In writing, you will submit a reflection on your thoughts about the 1960’s as a whole and this unit. What did you learn about the1960’s over the past 9 weeks? Give specific examples. What research methods did you employ? Did you like this unit? Why or why not? (25 points)

Teacher Suggestions:

Each day of the unit, post a trivia fact entitled “DidYou Know?” about the 1960’s on the board.


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