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Databases in the Content Classroom

What is a database?

Program that allows the management of pieces of information

Program that allows data to be manipulated easily. Data may be filtered and queried on multiple factors

Allows data to be grouped and regrouped under various parameters

Facilitates the reporting of data in a variety of ways.

Classroom Applications--Teacher Productivity

Organize data

Track information

Facilitate inventory of wide range of items in the instructional setting

Classroom Applications--Student Productivity

Organize data

Permit questions to be asked concerning data

Allows comparison, contrast

Facilitates drawing inferences, conclusions

Manipulates, filters, and questions data

Examples of Databases in the Classroom

Social Studies

Create a class database of exploration. Include the explorer, country of origin, number of ships, number of men, months at sea, destination and other facts. Each student will research one explorer. When finished query to discover the country that sent the most ships, men, spent the longest time at sea.


Visit the web site listed and gather information about dinosaurs. Create a database of current dino digs and the data generated by current scientific discoveries.

Create a database to identify, describe, and classify sea life and underwater habitats.


Collect data each day on the amount of time spent on various activities. Create a database of the activities, individuals involved, and amount of time spent in the activity. Query the database to determine the activity that consumed the most time daily. Calculate the percent of time spent of the total waking hours. Use the database to determine patterns of behavior. Do certain activities appeal to specific groups of people?


Have students decide what information they want to obtain from each other through an interview. Create a database of information and have students conduct interviews. Now query data such as mobility of the class members, age range, etc.

Create a database of web sites used for gathering research. Rate the sites, list the sponsors, authors of the sites, date of retrieval. Can inferences be made between sponsor reputation and reliability?

How will you use a database?


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