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Using WORD as your Web Page Editor


1)    Create a new folder on your desktop and call it something like “Web page”

2)    Open a new blank document in Word and immediately save it to the “Web page” folder on your desktop using the Save as HTML command.

3)    When you save your new blank document as HTML, call it index (This is the default name a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape looks for when it tries to access your page).

4)     Now use Word to create and edit your page.  You are editing in HTML format and the tool bars are a bit different than you may be used to but it isn’t hard to figure it all out.

5)    When you are ready to add links I’ll show you how.

6)    You can check how your page will look on the Web at any point by using the “Web Page Preview” selection under the File Menu.

7)    When you are done save your work and close Word.