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Word Processing in the Classroom

Course Syllabus

1)     Introduction (1/2 hour)

a)     Course objectives and Virginia Standards of Learning

b)     Software terminology/Hardware terminology

c)      Discussion and review of equipment

2)     Entering/Editing Text (3 hours)
a)     Keyboard
b)     Cut, copy, paste (Clipboard)
c)      File:  Open, Save, Print
d)     Text Style:  Size, Font, Style (Bold, Italic, etc.), Alignment, Line Spacing
e)     Spell Check and Thesaurus

3)     Formatting Text (1 Ż hours)

a)     Format Document

b)     Columns

c)      Tabs

d)     Headers, Footers

4)     Advanced Features (1 hour)

a)     Outlining

b)     Numbering

c)      Bullets, Checklists

5)     Graphic Elements (3 hours)

a)     Inserting Graphics

b)     Drawing Lines

c)      Boxes and graphics or text

d)     Line and fill options

e)     Borders

6)     Using the Scanner (1 hour)

a)     Scanning graphics

b)     Scanning text

7)     Using graphic sources (2 hours)
a)     Digital Camera, quick cam other video sources
b)     Graphic collections
c)      Photo CD

8)     Development of Student Activities (3 hours)
a)     Designing lesson plans that incorporate word processing

Final ActivityŚLesson Plan

Final Hands-on activityŚlast thirty minutes of class.  Test is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

***This class meets some of the requirements for the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.  Any class that addresses these standards must include a concluding activity where the individual must demonstrate the skills taught in the class.

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