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What is an Indexed Internet Database?

In reality the internet is a giant database.  An indexed Internet database allows access to a detailed index of video clips.  The specific database that is used in Chesapeake Public Schools, and the only one I am aware of is the PBS VIDEOdatabase of
America's History and Culture Online. This index catalogs thousands of clips of video produced by PBS.  The indexed database is available both online and in print format.  A brand new site has been designed as a tool for educators, students and others subscribing to the PBS VIDEOdatabase. It provides a broad range of
resources designed to optimize use of over 350 hours of PBS VIDEOdatabase video material located in the subscriber's school or library. 

If you are a subscriber you have access to many more features of the website.  If you do not subscribe you can still use the database.  You would have to own the videos in order for the information provided in the website to have meaning to you. The part of the website open to everyone without subscription includes: 

Downloadable for classroom or personal use. 

As a subscriber, there are a number of additional features available including: 

Online discussions with producers and historians. 

The site offers two powerful approaches for finding the video segments and curriculum materials you need: 

SEARCH helps you quickly find resources customized to your specific needs. This feature lets you perform keyword searches which can be refined by adding personal preferences such as specific academic areas and grade ranges of interest. 

BROWSE allows you to pull up and review all the resources in the database, categorized either by historical period or alphabetically by title.  List of Programs, by title, by volume allows you to pull up and review all the programs by title or volume number.

Web links to the database and associated sites:

The PBS VIDEOdatabase site:

The PBS Teacher Source site: 

The PBS Kids site:

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