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What is a WebQuest?

A specific type of problem solving, inquiry learning activity is known as a WebQuest.  Created by Bernie Dodge, the quests require students to use the web to research information that will give them the facts to enable a decision that will resolve a problem.  WebQuests come in a wide variety of activities.  Visit the WebQuest home site to get a feel for the activity.  Below are several examples of WebQuests.

To learn more about WebQuests and to experience one, go to the WebQuest about WebQuests and complete the cooperative learning activity.

Why use a WebQuest?

Creating a WebQuest is exciting and a learning experience for the creator.  For help to create WebQuests go to

WebQuest Resources

Finally there are lots of resource locations for WebQuests.  

WebQuest  Main site

WebQuest Index
WebQuest Resources
WebQuest Units
Middle School WebQuests

TrackStar contains several tracks that expose and provide examples of WebQuests.  Visit any of the tracks below and learn more about WebQuests.

As you can see from the amount of information on the web, this is a much discussed and well liked activity.  Students learn and have fun.  This is a wonderful problem solving activity for students.

This page was updated on:  03/10/09