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Virtual Museums

An electronic door to a visit on the Information Superhighway, a virtual museum 
is an organized collection of electronic artifacts and information resources.  Things
that might be included are paintings, drawings, photographs, diagrams, graphs,
recordings, video segments, newspaper articles, transcripts of interviews, numerical
data, and any other items that can be saved in a digital format.

Types of Virtual Museums

                Learning Museums--online learning resources which invite exploration
                and investigation.

                Marketing Museums--marketing vehicles for sales as a major goal.

In this class, you may select to create either type of museum depending on your job 
requirements and interest. 

Characteristics of a Learning Museum

  •  substantial collection

  •  rich and varied offerings

  •  inviting lobby or entrance

  •  invites repeat visits

  •  varied learning activities

Virtual Museums foster active, student-centered or customer centered learning. 
hey offer opportunities for real research into subjects or products.  Virtual 
museums place students in problem-solving situations thus fostering higher 
order thinking skills.  They are global in perspective and set up in the way that
a "real" museum would be organized.  They are dynamic, multidisciplinary,
multi-sensory location on the web that are constantly updated and feature 
appeals to different learning styles and interests.  This learning tool should 
be looked at as a way to share treasures of learning with a much wider audience 
that the traditional classroom. 

Source:  Summary of two articles by Jamie McKenzie found at  and

Resources for Virtual Museum design issues.

              Oldies & Goodies--School Museum List and Site

              Building Onramps to the Information Superhighway:  
  Designing, Implementing, and Using Local Museum Infrastructure

              Home Sweet Home:  Creating WWW Pages Which Deliver
  Eighteen tips to consider when creating a Virtual Museum web experience.

Some Samples of Virtual Museums

            Actual Museums present on the Web
Bellingham Antique Radio Museum 
    Field Museum
    Palaeolithic Painted Cave

                SCORE List of Virtual Museum Projects  
Virtual Museum--The Hebrew People  
Big Bear Valley...Back Then
                European Immigrant Journey
                From Foot to Flight
                President's Day Museum
                The Age of Enlightenment 

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