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Video and Audio in PowerPoint

Video and Audio are easy to insert into your PowerPoint presentation.  Both of these elements enter your presentation by using the Insert menu.

To enter a movie

When the movie inserts, you will get a dialog box that will ask you if you want the movie to start automatically.  If you say yes, the movie will begin when the slide opens.  If you say No, you can automate the slide later using custom animation.

To view a quick video of inserting a movie, Click Here

To control the way that elements enter your slide, use Custom Animation

To view a quick video on custom animation, Click Here

To insert a audio file (sound) on your slide, you follow the same directions except you select Sound from file.  Again you will get a dialog box that asks if you wish to start automatically.  Same choices, Yes if you want it to start when you click on the slide.  No if you want to custom animate later.

To view a quick video on inserting a sound, Click Here

When you insert a sound, a megaphone appears on your slide.  Many people find this symbol distracting or unattractive in their presentation.  You can easily hide the icon behind an image.

To hide the icon

The icon disappears.  It is hidden behind the image on your slide.  To view a quick video on hiding the sound icon, Click Here 

Finally, you may want your music to play over several slides.  In order to do this, you must use custom animation

To view a quick video on continuing the music over several slide, Click Here