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Telecommunications Applications in the Classroom

Course Syllabus

1)     Introduction (1 hour)

a)     Course objectives and Virginia SOL

b)     Software terminology/Hardware terminology

c)      Explanation of the Internet

2)     Netiquette/AUP (1 hour)

a)     Definitions

b)     Review sites

c)     Review CPS Acceptable Use Procedure

3)     Use of the Internet (4 hours)
a)     Browser
b)    Search Engines
c)     Links
d)     URLs
e)     Bookmarks
f)     Printing
g)     Downloading

4)     Using Internet Resources (2 hours)

a)     Locating and evaluating relevant sites

b)     Creating Lesson Plans

c)     Expectations for student use of Internet

d)     Copyright and Plagiarism 

e)     Ethics and Privacy

5)     Internet Features (1 hour)

a)     E-mail

b)     Newsgroups and Listservs

c)     FTP

6)     Classroom Activities (3 hours)
a)     Internet Projects
        1) WebQuests
        2) Scavenger Hunts
        3) Guides Activities
b)   Setting up Internet Activities

7)     Development of Student Activities (3 hours)
a)     Designing lesson plans that incorporate use of the Internet

Final ActivityŚLesson Plan

Final Hands-on activityŚlast thirty minutes of class.  Test is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

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