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Course Title:    Using Technology as a Tool for Communication

Instructor:         J. Cotton, Chittum Elementary School

Course Topics:   

  • Oveview of the Internet
  • Using the Netscape Browser
  • Navigating the Net
  • Review of Vocabulary Terms
  • Searching for Information
  • Uses of Web Pages
  • Parts of the Web Page
  • Creating a Web Page using Microsoft Word
    • Creating a "jump-off" page
    • Creating a student scavenger hunt
  • Creating Web Pages using a text editor
    • Structure of the Web Page
    • Open and Paired Tags
    • Structural and Style Tags
    • Adding Color
    • Changing font style and sizes
    • Linking to other sites
    • Linking within the same file
    • Creating Mail-to links
    • Adding Graphics
    • Creating ordered lists and unordered lists
    • Creating tables
    • Saving and opening html files
  • Evaluation of School Web Pages
  • Creating a School Web Page
  • Lesson Plan ideas and discussion


  1. Attendance and Participation
  2. Final Culminating Activity
  3. Lesson plan that integrates the use of html due no later than 8/20/99.  Pony or mail lesson plan to J. Cotton at E.W. Chittum Elementary School.


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