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Technology Planning


Justifying Technology Use

Literature full of promises

Presence of technology does not equal improved test scores

Technology does not equal success

Planning is essential to success

Three levels of planning



Classroom Teacher

District Tasks

Develop technology plan with input from all groups in community

Identify a shared vision

Detail a rational for using technology

Describe current status

Identify needs

Determine goals

Identify measures to address equitable access

Determine an evaluation plan

Budget for technology

 School Tasks

Develop school level plan

Optimize available resources

Identify needs and provide hardware and software

Establish procedures for use

Establish procedures for maintenance and repair

Establish security measures

 Classroom Teacher Tasks

Match curriculum needs with technology resources

Plan activities that integrate technology into learning activities

Create a learning environment that supports technology

Prepare students to use technology

Try out and revise technology activities

Technology Plans

Shared vision

Establish current status

Set goals

Develop activities (Action Plans)






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