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Technology Plan

School Name

Year of Plan


Brief narrative that gives the characteristics of the instructional program that support the technology indicated as needed in the plan.

Current Status of Technology

This is a general statement of the current resources, tools and connections available in the school.  Discuss the instructional usage of items currently in the school.  Should be based on the vision and goals of the school.  This is not an inventory; it is a description of the uses made of the technology currently found in the school.


Needs Assessment

Identifies what teachers/support staff/administrators perceive as necessary to enhance and support teaching and learning.  Identifies student and teacher competencies in the use of technology.  Provides a summary of facility readiness for technology and modifications necessary to address the vision and goals of the school plan.



Outlines both short and long-range goals and objectives for improving and utilization of technology in teaching and learning.



Identifies the needs and strategies to be employed to facilitate training for staff. 


Strategic Action Plan

Identifies goal, item needed, funding necessary and desired timeline for achievement of goal.



Item needed

Funding required












Identifies the yearly process of re-examination to update the technology plan.  Indicates how the school will determine that the technology is having an impact on the instructional program.  This is the most difficult part of the plan as it requires a decision as to how the plan will be monitored and whether that use of technology has been effective for learning.

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