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Technology as a Tool for Communication

Course Syllabus

1)     Introduction (1 hour)

a)     Software terminology

b)     Hardware terminology

c)      Importance of design to message

2)     Introduction to Painting and Drawing (1 hour)
a)     Tools
b)     Menus

3)     Introduction to Web page Design (1 hour)

a)     Tools

b)     HTML code vs. Editor

c)      Elements of web page design

4)     Evaluation of effective web pages (1 hours)

a)     Effective use of color

b)     Effective use of graphics

c)      Effective use of text

d)     Output/loading issues

5)     Creation of Web pages (6 hours)

a)     Introduction to HTML

b)     Introduction to page creation software (pros and cons)

c)      Creation of practice pages

6)     Using the Digital Camera and scanner (1 hour)

a)     Setup and use of the camera/scanner

b)     Use of software to enhance images

c)      Saving Photos/scanned images(file formats)

d)     Issues with scanned text materials

7)     Java Applets (1 hour)
a)     Definition
b)     Where applets can be found
c)      How to use them

8)     Development of Student Activities (3 hours)

Final ActivityŚLesson Plan

Final Hands-on activityŚlast thirty minutes of class.  Test is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

***This class meets some of the requirements for the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.  Any class that addresses these standards must include a concluding activity where the individual must demonstrate the skills taught in the class.

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