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IT 323:  Web Design and Database Concepts

Instructor:  Dr. Cynthia Sparks

E-mail:  (preferred method of communication)

Work:  547-0153

Home:  421-7346

Office Hours:  Before and after class or by appointment

Course Description:

This course will cover the basic aesthetic, business, and technical aspects of creating Web pages.  Pages containing graphics and other basic enhancements will be developed in both HTML and in a Web authoring program.  Database concepts as they relate to Web content will also be covered.

The course will discuss the use of advanced Web browser features for searches and home page construction.  Other topics will include converging and emerging digital technologies as well as trends and responsibilities related to Web usage and construction.

The syllabus will change each week to reflect and incorporate the concepts covered in the class lecture.  Links to additional Web based resources will also be included in the class each week.

Students should expect to spend approximately 5-7 hours per week outside of class on assignments.

Course Prerequisites:  None.  Familiarity with Windows strongly recommended.

Required Texts and Materials:

Required Text:  Creating Web Pages Simplified (3-D Visual Series), by Ruth Maran, Paul Whitehead, Maragraphics Inc., IDG Books, 1999.  ISBN:  0764560670

              as low as $2.00

Recommended text:  New Perspectives on Creating Web Pages with HTML—Comprehensive.  Patrick Carey.  Course Technology. 2000.  ISBN 0619019689


Link to comparative price shop for books if you know the ISBN number


Recommended Reading:

Weaving the Web:  The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by Its Inventor.  Tim Berners-Lee with Mark Fischetti.  Harpers Collins, 1999.  ISBN 006251587X

                   as low as $7.50

Cutting Edge Web Design:  The Next Generation.  David Donnelly.  Rockport Publishers, 1998.  ISBN  15649642191.

              as low as $24.50

HTML Goodies.  Joe Burns.  Que, 1999.   ISBN 0789718235.

Software & Hardware Needs:

Because of the delivery and content of this course, it is necessary that the student begin the course with access to the following:

Student Objectives:

By the end of the semester, students will learn how to:


New material and techniques will be introduced at the beginning of each class session.  A new assignment will be given each session.  The assignment should be completed in the designated time and submitted to the instructor.  All assignments not completed in class may be completed at home.

In the case of absence, it is the student’s responsibility to get class notes and material/work assignments from someone other than the instructor.  It is important that you attend every class.  You will be responsible for all work assigned whether you are present or absent.

Grading Policy:

Your final grade will be calculated using the following percentages:

 Events of academic dishonesty will receive an automatic “0”.

 Assignment Summaries:

Weekly site evaluations

Each week, students will be required to evaluate a web site, based on a specific topic or genre selected by the instructor, according to a set of criteria provided by the instructor.

The evaluation will consist of no more than two, short paragraphs and must be e-mailed to the instructor along with the URL(s) of the evaluated site(s) prior to the next class session.

Class exercises

During class each week students will complete a technical, hands-on exercise based on lecture content.

Web site proposal

Every student will be required to submit a proposal for the final web site project.  The student must decide the subject matter of the site.  The instructor must approve the proposal before the student can begin work on the site.  Unapproved projects will receive a failing grade.

Site Plan

Upon approval of the web site proposal, each student will create a plan that will consist of a storyboard, content synopsis, competitive analysis, target audience analysis and marketing plan.

The instructor will explain the requirements of the site plan in detail during the opening weeks of the class.

Oral Presentation of final site

Each student will be required to provide an oral presentation of the final working web site to the class.  Classmates must respond with constructive criticism.

Final web site

Every student is required to publish a final working site on the Web.  The final site must demonstrate what the student has learned during the semester.  Failure to publish a final site on the web will result in a failing grade.

Policy on Academic Integrity:

Cheating, plagiarism, and/or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  The honor system will be adhered to for all assignments and class content.

Course Schedule



Class Exercise



Course overview, discuss basic elements of web page design, brief history of the Internet & web design

Establish e-mail accounts and e-mail instructor with an analysis of web skills;

Visit at least 10 of the WOW sites and select 1 to evaluate based on the basic elements


Basic HTML tags

Basic HTML tags Upload a page

Evaluate a different site each week based on the criteria established in that session’s lecture.  Other assignments as determined by the instructor.



Site Planning and Design

Copyright and other issues

Web Site Proposal Due

Formatting tags


E-commerce and E-business

Text tags


Web publications

Database Basics

Fonts and style sheets





Testing and publishing

Java Script

Site Plan Due

Graphics and Images


Chat rooms, Images, and Forms

Image maps


CGI, SQL, counters

Counters, CGI, SQL


Interactivity, encryption

Final Site Due

Pop up buttons, mouse over





Final Exam


This syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.  Students will be informed promptly of any changes to the class content or schedule.

***Please note—Monday NOT Tuesday.  Schedule change due to conflict in instructor’s schedule.