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Sparks Fly
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Curriculum Hot Spots on the Web

Lesson Plan Sources

    Ask Eric

    Columbia Education Center Lesson Plans                             


Information Indexes


    Yahooligans, The Web Guides for Kids



    Kids Web

    Magellan Internet Guide

    The WWW Virtual Library

Online Research Resources

    Homework Central or                   


    iTools and Researh It

    My Virtual Reference Desk

    National Student Research Center


    Study Web

    Surf Monkey

Web Portals

    SchoolTone Alliance

    The LearningStation


    MediaSeek Technologies, Inc.

    NCS NovaNET

    NetSchools Corporation

General Curriculum Resource Centers

Awesome Library

Curriculum Resources and Networking Projects                  

Education World


The Library in the Sky

Web Sites and Resources for Teachers

Libraries and Museums

American Museum of Natural History

Colonial Williamsburg

The Exploratorium

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

Hands On Children's Museum

The Internet public Library

Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide

The Library of Congress

MetaLab Collection

Museums, Galleries, and Exhibitions Links    www.

National Air and Space Museum

National Archives and Records Administration

Smithsonian Institution

Unites States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The WebMuseum Network

Communication Media

ABC News

CNN Interactive

Discovery Channel Online

History Channel

MSNBC News Learning Online

The Nando Times

National Public radio Online

Newspaper Association of America Hotlinks

PBS Online

Time for Kids

U.S. News Classroom Program

USA Today Education

The Weather Channel


Dyrli, Odvard.  Curriculum Hot Spots on the Web 2000.  Curriculum Administrator, Vol. 35, No. 9, September, 1999.






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