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Sparks Fly
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Integrating Text and Graphics

Copying text from the web

Save web page to disk

    File, Save As

        name the file and click Save

(This saves the current page but will not save the total site.  Usually the graphics are not included when the page is saved)

Save parts of a page

View, Source

Highlight code of the portion you wish to save

Hold down the Control key and press the C (Ctl + C). This copies to the Windows clipboard

Go to the new web page where you want to paste the code and hold down the Control key and the letter V (Ctl + V).The text is copied to the new location.

Copying Graphics

Click on graphic to make it active.  Click the right mouse button.  You will get a new menu.  Select Save Image As...  another dialog box will appear.  You select the location where you want to save the graphic.  Be sure to check the name of the file.  If you will not recognize it later, now is the time to rename it to something you will recognize.  

NOTE:  Copyright requires that you always acknowledge the source of the text or graphic if it is not your original work.  With the ease of contact to the web master of pages, it is suggested that permission be sought before using any text or graphics on your site.  Always read the site, frequently site creators will give permission for use and how to document that use on your page.

This page was updated on:  04/10/02