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Sparks Fly
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Sample School Web Pages

Great Bridge Intermediate School

Greenbier Intermediate School

Deep Creek Middle School

Deep Creek High School


Virtual Tours

The Lincoln Highway

Visit with Betsy Ross

Castles on the Web

Alcatraz Island

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rainforest Tour

Philadelphia's Historic Mile

Listing of Virtual Tours

Key Pals

Kids' Space Connection: Penpal Box

KidsCom Keypals

Rigby Heinemann Keypals

e-pals Classroom Exchange

Mighty Media KeyPals Club


Global Projects

The Galapagos Quest

Newsday Project

On-line Geograph Game

Global Grocery List

Nasa On-line Projects

Pollution Project

Book Reviews for Middle Grades

Rivers of Life

Ask an Expert

Ask an Astronaut

Ask Dr. Math

Ask an Expert Directory



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