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Spreadsheets in the Content Classroom

What is a spreadsheet?

Computerized ledger

Number cruncher

Organizational tool

Management tool

Student productivity tool

Classroom Applications--Teacher Productivity

Grade book

Track records, orders

Organize data/information

Classroom Applications--Student Productivity

Analyze data

Survey data

Maintain records

Track information

Create charts and graphs

Compare and contrast data

Examples of Spreadsheets in Classroom Activities

Social Studies

Enter state data (land area, population, weather information). Track and graph comparisons among states

Use a spreadsheet to record the stock market prices and determine trends

Use a spreadsheet to compare the casualties between U. S. wars

Track population trends in geography


Insert scientific data into a spreadsheet to draw conclusions

Use statistics from the NASA web site to compare the planets

Use a spreadsheet to record physical and weather characteristics of several areas. Draw conclusions then create ads to attract tourist to the area

Track and graph data from classroom experiments


Use a colored candy bag to predict the count of each color in the package. Now count and graph the number of each color found in a package using a spreadsheet

Teach patterns, probability and graphing using a spreadsheet

Investigate the value of pi

Solve word problems


Visit web sites on the Internet of newspapers from various regions of the U.S. and Great Britain. Categorize the types of stories on the front page. Create a graph comparing the story types and the two countries

Have student analyze their journal entries and graph their responses

Record interview and survey results

Where will you use spreadsheets?


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