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 Spreadsheets and Graphing

Course Syllabus


1)     Introduction (1/2 hour)

a)     Course objectives and Virginia Standards of Learning

b)     Software terminology/Hardware terminology

2)     Introduction to Spreadsheets (3 hours)

a)     Definition—What is a Spreadsheet?

b)     The software window—menu bars and tool bars

c)      Saving, Viewing, and Printing

d)     Creating Headers and Footers

e)     Using formulas to perform calculations
    i)        Using cell names in formulas
    ii)      Editing entries

f)        Using functions to perform calculations
    i)        Highlighting
    ii)      Filling adjacent cells
    iii)    Relative copying

g)     Formatting a spreadsheet

3)     Planning a Spreadsheet (3 hours)
a)     Entering formulas
b)     Inserting functions
c)      Displaying Formulas
d)     Editing commands
e)     MAX and MIN functions

4)     Expanding a spreadsheet (2 hours)
a)     Absolute copying
b)     Cut, copy, paste
c)      Inserting and deleting rows and columns
d)     Using the IF function

5)     Printing a large spreadsheet (1/2 hour)

6)     Charts (2 hours)
a)     Creating Pie Charts
b)     Selecting, moving, sizing, and deleting charts
c)      Bar and line charts
d)     Modifying a chart
e)     Adding series and labels

7)     Spreadsheet Techniques (2 hour)
a)     What if questions?
b)     Sorting
c)      Text in functions
d)      Freezing Titles
e)      Printing selected areas of a Spreadsheet

8)     Integrating spreadsheets into other applications (1 hour)
a)     Working with multiple files
b)     Copying between files
c)      Copying between word processing and spreadsheet software
d)     Copying a chart into a word processed document
        i)        Copy, paste
        ii)      Copy, paste with links

9)     Creating an integrated lesson plan (3 hour)
a)     Tips and hints
b)     Lesson planning—how to integrate spreadsheets into content

Final Activity—Lesson Plan

Final Hands-on activity—last thirty minutes of class.  Assessment is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

***This class meets some of the requirements for the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.  

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