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Searching--Quick Reference Tips

Finding Sites

  1. Most addresses are the popular name of things.  Company addresses usually begin with
  2. If that doesn't work try the abbreviation of the company name
  3. Organizations follow the same pattern with a different ending
  4. Government follows the same pattern different ending www.governmentagency(usuallyabbreviation).gov
  5. Universities and colleges end with .edu

Forgot to Bookmark (Favorites) How to See Recently Visited Sites

  1. Open the History List in IE and the Go command in Netscape
  2. Click on the URL of the place you want to go back to once again

Searching a Directory

  1. Visit a Directory--
  2. Search for a topic on the page or type in the search area
  3. View the results listed in categories
  4. Scan a category then scan page links within a category until you find what you want
  5. Some web directories

How to Use a Search Engine

  1. Visit a search engine--
  2. Type keywords in the search area
  3. View the results
  4. Conduct an advanced search
  5. Search for a specific phrase " "
  6. Search for text in a Page Title (Boolean Indicators)
  7. Some search engines

Find a Program on the Web

  1. Visit a site that catalogs programs--
  2. Type program name or type in search area
  3. Explore search results
  4. Download the program
  5. Choose a Download method
  6. Commercial software is linked on Download if shareware or freeware is not available  Link:  Computer Prices
  7. Takes you the CNET Shopper where you can search for commercial software
  8. Some program sites

Find a Person on the Web

  1. Search for a phone number--
  2. Type in the information first and last name then search
  3. Narrow your search by adding the state and zip
  4. Search for an e-mail address by following the same procedure except select Email Search then Search
  5. Modify the search with the state or domain if you know it.
  6. Advanced search offers even more options of information if you know it
  7. Some sites
This page was updated on:  10/11/11