Web Sites of Interest


Frog Dissection Kit (Explore anatomy of the frog without dissecting a real animal)

Dinosaur Exhibit (dinosaur fossils)

The Exploratorium (Museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco)

Hurricane Storm Science Kit (Miami Museum of Science hurricane exhibit and lessons)

NASA Education Outreach site (Star Child, Universe, and other NASA education projects)

Directory of Hands-On Science Centers (storehouse of science activities)

Volcano Systems Center (University of Washington resource site on volcanic activity in the world currently)

The Smithsonian (visit our national museum and see what is available online)

The Why Files (science ideas and news)

EarthWatch (Weather on demand)

Museum of Science (exhibits, kits, lesson ideas)

Sea World/Busch Gardens (Educational resources )

Yuckiest Site on the Internet (Science ideas and  projects)

Wolf Studies Project  (data, information about project to save the wolf)

Astronomy (amateur astronomy)

Nine Planets

Planetary Society

Center for Disease Control

Scribbs Institute of Oceanography Library

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

American Chemical Society

Physics News (Links to sites dealing with Physics)

Globe Program (NOAA managed education program on the weather and environment)

NOAA (Links to environmental data, weather, etc.)

Space Planetary Data System (maintained by MIT)

NASA's Planetary Exploration Program (Basic Information from NASA)

Learning Station (Exploratorium site with lab ideas, lessons)

Space Science and Engineering Center (U of Wisconsin)

Dept. of Atmospheric Science (U of Illinois--weather information)

Weather Satellite Images from Europe (University of Nottingham)
Cascades Volcano Observatory

U.S. Geological Service Homepage  (mapping, water, biology, geology)

Periodic Table for the Web

WebStars (Astronomy links)

Weather today (USA Today weather page)

Weather glossary   (dictionary of weather terms)

National Weather Daily by Netguide 

National Hurricane Center

Storm Encyclopedia

STSCI (Hubble Space Telescope)

Oposite (Hubble Space Telescope Observations

 From Stargazers to Starships (NASA)

Science for the Millennium 

Forensic Science  (sometimes gruesome)

Cloning   (All sides of the debate)

Space Weather

Microsoft's Terra Server (Biggest database of satellite imagery)

Nova Easter Island 

Nova The Brain Eater

Solar System Simulator

Dino Sound


Scientific American

Albert Einstein 

Great Plant Escape

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