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Social Studies Scavenger Hunt


The Internet is a huge database filled with many types of information.  Finding useful information can often be a challenge.  An Internet scavenger hunt is an interesting and challenging way of testing and building online searching skills that are necessary for data retrieval.  


Using a search engine, find sites that will give you information about the following.   Be sure to use "Searching Tips" to help you narrow your search.

1.    A virtual tour of Philadelphia's "Historic Mile"

2.    A virtual tour of the tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep

3.    A History of Jazz

4.    The names of the pets that belonged to past presidents.

5.    Letters from an Iowa soldier in the Civil War

6.    That National Digital Library:  American Memory

7.    African Americans in the Sciences

8.    The Holocaust Museum

9.    Bureau of Labor Statistics

10.    A virtual tour of the U.S. Supreme Court Building

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What key words were used in each question?
What difficulties did you experience?
Was one search engine better than another?
Why was one question more difficult than another?
How can the information you found be useful?


This page was updated on:  11/06/02