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Directions for Scanning (HP Flatbed Scanner)

  1. Place picture in scanner lining up with green arrow.
  2. Click PREVIEW.
  3. To crop picture, take CROSSHAIR ( + ) and place on upper left portion of the picture.
  4. Hold down LEFT mouse button.
  5. DRAG to include only the portion of the picture you want to save to disk.
  6. Click ZOOM.
  7. Reframe if needed by using double arrows.
  8. Go to SCALING.  Make sure picture WIDTH is sized no larger than 2.85".
  9. Go to FILE, SAVE AS.
  10. Click DOWN ARROW to locate the 3 1/2" Floppy (A:).
  11. Name the file and click SAVE.
  12. Scanned images take up a lot of space.  If you want to use them on a web page you must convert them to either .jpg or .gif format.  You will need to use a conversion program like Paint Shop Pro to do this.  
  13. In some scanners after you Preview the image and modify the area you want to scan instead of clicking on Save you choose SCAN.  Depending on the type of scanner, these directions are pretty generic.  Slight changes may occur but the basic steps are the same.


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