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Sparks Fly

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Scaffolding Your WebQuest

Thinking Visually with WebQuests
A look at the Big Picture using the ITO model. Three types of scaffolding. Examples of each type.


Reception Scaffolds
Examples. When to use.


Transformation Scaffolds
Examples. When to use. Examination of The Realm of Fairy Tales as a well-scaffolded lesson.


Production Scaffolds
Examples. When to use


Scaffolding Strategies Some ideas to differentiate and help students successfully complete the WebQuest


Do you have bookmarks scattered on several different computers and browsers? This tool will will let you get to your bookmarks from anywhere.


Diagramming a Lesson
How to look at a lesson and portray it all on one page. Working backwards from standards and forwards from resources. How to pinpoint opportunities for scaffolding. Here's the diagram for Radio Days as an example.


Exercise 1
Analyze some given WebQuests and identify where and how some scoffolding would have improved them. (take break during the exercise)