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What are they?  How can I use them?  What is the role of the student in creating them?  What are common elements across disciplines?  What are the buzz words of rubrics?

Questions that hint at a method of feedback for both the teacher and the students.  Follow this Trackstar track to learn more about rubrics and how to create them.  The questions posed above can be answered on these sites.

How to evaluate students on activities that use the Internet?  Make sure your goal includes at least one of the following:

  • Teaching about the Internet
  • Teaching how to use the Internet
  • Teaching something by using information gained from the Internet

Rubrics for Internet activities provide direction needed by students before their final project is given to the teacher for grading.  Grades should not be a mystery.  While they cannot always be objective and must include some subjective quality determination by the teacher, the rubric lays out the general expectations for each grade on a given assignment.  Students tend to do much better when the expectations are clearly stated.  The rubric gives teachers the opportunity to think about requirements and clearly lay out for students the expectations for each grade awarded.

For more details on Rubrics 

Software for Creating Rubrics

  • Download and try out a software package that produces rubrics in any subject area.


  • Online tool for creating rubrics
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