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Research on the Web


Need reference help?  Need to know where to go?

Visit the Trackstar track, Reference Help for answers.

What is Available?

Entry to College and University libraries

Books in Print and ability to order for next day delivery

Library of Congress

WAIS--Wide Area Information Server

Search Facilities which make most Web site information available

Methods of Entry



WAIS gateway

Search engines


Yahoo (database)




Gopher--Entry to Colleges and Universities

Mother Gopher--University of Minnesota


through WWW



Through Web Browser

Use Open button

type gopher://

Follow directions once you are in

Search Engines

Veronica--does title search

Jughead--uses key word searches

You must be connected while searching



Uses visuals (graphical interface) to provide a more interesting format

Through Web Browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer) can enter sites for research

Use Search Engines to locate topics for research

ERIC Search

Minimum search of educational data

Biggest education database

Articles, books, dissertations, etc. listed here

Search by keyword

Web Search Engines

When you use Netscape--the 15 most popular search engines are listed at the bottom of the search screen

Search engine is like giant index of materials on web

Searches can be made by word or string of words using Boolean operators


true search engine—uses worm technology

uses word search

uses " to search by phrase"

access to web

Very Fast


Not true search engine but a giant database

Easy and fast but does not have access to total net

Most familiar search method on web


fast search engine that allows searches by concept

Uses worm technology


New search engine

Assumes all the words must appear in document

Fast and accurate


Method of marking your location for future use

Mark it, in case you want to return

Greatest chance of mistake on web is when typing addresses

In Netscape, go to bookmark, Add

Marked for future use

Especially important in research


Wide Area Information Server

System that helps search for documents containing information on a wide variety of subjects

Access to heavy-duty databases



CIA, etc.

Designed for serious research

over 500 databases in WAIS


archives of newspapers

weather reports, computer archaeology


ZIP codes

information on wide range of subjects

Ways to Access WAIS

Web gateway

Run WAIS from Gopher menu

Set up Windows-based web client on your computer

Telnet to a WAIS server using UNIX commands

Simplest Entry--Web Gateway or

you will reach a search area

search databases by entering search text

scan list of databases and choose one to look into for information

search by keyword


Search by single word

Search by phrase but must place phrase in quotations (")

Search using Boolean operators


ADJ means adjacent second word must immediately follow first

Search help

All engines tell you how to use them to search

What to do once you have found it?

Click on document and read it

Search again for more information with further limitations in your search command line

Found what you want--use File, Save As command to save the document or copy it to the Clipboard and paste it later

Citing Sources

For help with source citations visit Citing Sources for links to data on citation and electronic media

Research on the Web

Can be time consuming

All books and articles are not on the web

Time wisely used to scan and download for later perusal

Locate the information--bookmark it--go back later and determine how best to use data

Books in Print

List of all books currently in print

May order for next day delivery

Web Research

Valuable access to data

Can perform ERIC search of educational materials (paid in past)

Can access so much information that it can be intimidating

Can be done in your own home

Can avoid time spent in library--either download or go directly to it in library

Opens world to each individual


This page was updated on:  04/10/02