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And +cats +pets cats AND pets

+cats +pets

+cats +pets +cats +pets Default 

"all the words"

Or cats kittens cats OR kittens cats, kittens Use Options  
Not +cats -wild cats AND NOT wild +cats -wild +cats -wild +cat -wild  
Exact Phrase "pet care" "pet care" "pet care" "pet care" "pet care"
Complex Search (cats or kittens) AND NOT wild (cats or kittens) AND NOT wild N/A N/A  
Truncation Wild Card cat* 


Automatic Suffixes N/A N/A  
Proximity mary~lamb

(within 10 words)

[mary lamb] (within 25 words) [mary lamb] (within 100 words) N/A  

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Yahoo (Yahooligans)


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