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PowerPoint 2003
Quick View Guide

Getting Started

· Click the Start button on the Task Bar

· Select Programs

Select PowerPoint


New Presentation—Note Options

· Wizards and template options are shortcuts

· Options—File | New

o AutoContent Wizard

o Design Template

o Blank Presentation

o Open Existing presentation

From Design Template


PowerPoint Window

· Familiar (like other Office programs)

· Title bar, menu bar, standard toolbar, formatting toolbar, view buttons, drawing toolbar, status bar

· To explore toolbars, move pointer to each tool and check what they do


PowerPoint Views

· Normal View—(default) slide, outline, notes page (three boxes)

· Slide Sorter View—best for rearranging presentation

· Notes Page View—best for creating script of presentation

· Slide Show View—view used to make presentation.  Slides cover the entire screen


Adding a New Slide

· Insert | New Slide OR right click when cursor is in outline area and select New slide OR on standard toolbar click on icon for New Slide

· Layout dialog appears on right

· Make your choice for the layout

· Bullets appear automatically if that layout is chosen

· To create second level bullets press the Tab key

· To return to previous level use Shift + Tab

· Click in placeholder and type

· To use keyboard commands Control + M (add a new slide)


To Create a Presentation with a Theme

· Format Slide Design

· Design Template box opens with choices on right side of screen

· Pick your design and OK

· OR select blank presentation and OK


Slide Layout Box (Auto Layout)

· Auto Layout gives placeholders for text and other objects

· Point and click with mouse and type

· Formats are set by the design your selected

· 27 options

· Use scroll bar to see all

· PowerPoint will suggest

· Accept or select your own choice

· If desired select blank slide layout and design your own (if blank selected, auto recognition features of PowerPoint will not function)

· To change your layout at any time select Format | Slide Layout



· To avoid data loss, save and name file as soon as create first slide

· File, Save As

· Name file

· Choose location for saved file to reside

· Save—title bar will show new name

· Control + S


Moving Around

· Use mouse

· Vertical scroll bar

· Arrow keys


Spell Check

· Tools, Spelling or the check mark with ABC on the standard toolbar

· Dialog box appears, accept or reject the options

· Close Spell Check



Select WordArt from Draw Toolbar OR Insert, Picture, WordArt

Select style, type entry, OK

Adjust and size