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Sparks Fly
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Web Sites of Interest

Magazines, Newspapers, Periodicals, Television

Time-Warner Site (Link to Time, Sports Illustrated, Money and other Time, Inc. publications)

CNN Interactive (Quick time movies plus summaries of the latest news events)

ERIC (Educational Research source)

MidLink (Digital magazine for Middle School students)

Discovery Channel (feature articles, ideas, schedules)

4Kids (Activities, Web Newspaper for elementary age)

Scholastic Electronic Learning

National Geographic Online 

Tomorrow's Morning (news stories for kids)

Newsboy (audio news--have to install a plug-in to use)

USA Today 

Washington Post 

CNN Online

Virginian Pilot Online

Richmond Times Dispatch
Wired (Computer magazine)

Newspage (Business News)

Magazine of Web Sites    (Classroom Connect)

This page was updated on:  04/10/02