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Letís Paint

In order to understand the magnitude of what it means to create graphics, we need to work briefly in a paint program.  Microsoft Paint is part of every Windows program sold so that is where we will start.

Paint is in the Accessories menu in both Windows 95 and 3.1.

Letís explore the window.  Across the top is the traditional Menu bar.  Down the left side is the Toolbar.  Color is at the bottom left.  Click on the toolbar to see a full-page view.  Close to return to this page.

wpe24.jpg (37875 bytes)

The toolbar has a variety of selections for working in the paint program.  Let's review them.

Free Form Select Select
Eraser/Color Eraser Fill with color
Pick Color Magnifier
Pencil Brush
Airbrush Text
Line Curve
Rectangle Polygon
Ellipse Rounded Rectangle

Selection of each of these tools provides a different tool to draw with in the program.  You select the appropriate tool for the action you wish to create.  Once you select, you should determine your color choice.                                                    

Your will be developing a web page in this class.  Most pages have a graphic that draws the site together.  Usually each page carries a logo that connects the many parts of the web site together.  Create your own personal logo to provide a theme and a connection between the pages on your site.  You can insert clip art as well as create your own.  Develop in Paint your personal logo to be used as an anchor graphic for all of the various pages of your web page design.                             


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