Sparks Fly
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Notes and FAQs

Attention Everyone!!!

Rubrics were e-mailed to everyone on April 24th.  Please contact me if you did not receive them.  

Journal--What goes in it?

The journal is your record of your thoughts as you research and work in this class.  In it you should record your reactions to the articles assigned.  Additionally you are expected to read at least five (5) additional articles of your choice and critique them in your journal.  A second component of the journal is your record of Internet sites you encounter and research during the class.  A minimum of 15 sites must be evaluated in your journal.  The final component of your journal is the identification of technology resources available in your school (site) with a utilization plan which describes how you can use them in your current job.

Design Project--What is it?

The design project is an instructional unit that effectively integrates technology as a tool for enhancing the learning environment.  This project could be a WebQuest, a NTEQ model lesson, or any combination that effectively integrates technology in your content area.  The ASCD model of instructional planning is another model for creating the project.  We will discuss this activity further in class.

This page was updated on:  04/10/02