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Newsletters in Microsoft Office 


·       Formatting columns

·       Format/Columns

·       Select number from the presets box

·       Select equal column width or indicate width and spacing

·       Apply to box select the area of doc to cover, OK

·       Column types

·       Two types

·       Newspaper style (columns command)

·       Side by side (table command)

·       Adjusting Columns

·       Columns button

·       More precise Columns dialog box

·       Removing columns

·       Position insertion point where you want to start a different format

·       Choose Format/Columns

·       Choose One and return to regular print

·       Moving from column to column

·       Insert a column break

·       Control + Shift + Enter OR

·       Choose Insert/Break, Column break

·       To move to top of next column use the mouse or press Alt + down arrow

·       To move to the top of the preceding column press Alt + up arrow

·       Using lines between columns

·       Add lines—the length of the line depends on the length of the longest column

·       Check the Line between box in the Columns dialog box

·       Save the file when you create the columns you want


Drop Cap

·       Move the insertion point to the beginning of a paragraph

·       Choose the format/Drop Cap command

·       Choose the position of the drop cam and select an appropriate font


Columns button

·       Select block of text first

·       Columns icon, press left mouse button

·       Drag the mouse to select the number of columns you want


Section breaks

·       Divide a doc into sections

·       Three ways of doing this

·       Format/Columns then This point forward and Apply to will  automatically add section breaks

·       Select a block of text then use Columns button to create columns word automatically adds section breaks before and after the selected area

·       Divide the doc into sections using columns and the Insert/Break command



·       Formatting commands saved as a style contain both paragraph and character formatting

·       Save time and make easy to apply

·       Change the style and the text changes automatically

·       Style types

·       Character style—font settings

·       Paragraph style—font and paragraph formatting

·       Editing Styles

·       Heading levels

·       Normal (virus)

·       Creating New Style

·       Format/Style

·       New

·       Name, type

·       Format button and select font, paragraph, tabs, border, language, frame, or numbering

·       Make choices, OK

·       When ready to apply make your choice

·       Will be added the style list


Outlining and Table of Contents

·       View/Outline

·       Outlining toolbar will appear

·       First line of text you type will be given the Heading 1 style automatically

·       Press Enter

·       Use the tab key or demote button to reduce the heading level

·       Of want to change to body text use Demote to Body Text button

·       Nine levels possible

·       Editing

·       Select heading and levels

·       Collapse or Expand

·       Numbering headings

·       Format/Bullets and Numbering

·       Outline Numbered tab and select style, OK


Table of Contents

·       Insert/Index and Tables

·       Table of Contents tab

·       Select formatting you want from Formats list

·       Check the number of levels

·       Select the character to fill the tabs from the Tab leader box, OK




·       Insert/Index and Tables

·       Index tab

·       Mark entry button

·       Text you select appears in the Main entry box.  Click the Mark button

·       You can create two or more levels of index entries

·       Mark all—if text appears often use this button and use it to mark it every time it appears

·       Creating an index

·       Move to end of doc and create a new empty page

·       Insert/Index and Tables

·       Formats list

·       From template

·       Modify if you want to make your own changes


Find and Replace

·       Searches for text

·       Edit/Find or Control + F

·       In Find what box type the text you are looking for

·       Click more to define your requirements more closely

·       Click Find Next to find any other appearances


Replacing Text

Same way just fills in the Replace with option

Automatic or you can say do it each time

Directions for using Sections to create different types of columns on a Page

Directions for a tri-fold brochure

This page was updated on:  04/10/02