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Navigating in Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts for Visual Formatting

I you hate the mouse here are some other ways to deliver formatting to your Excel spreadsheets.  Again these are the same shortcut keys that work in all Microsoft programs.  Some of them pertain only to spreadsheets but many will work in Word, Access, or PowerPoint also.

To do this.... ...Press these keys
Bold Control+B
Italic Control+I
Underline Control+U
Open the Format Cells dialog box Control+1
Lift-align cell content Control+L
Center cell content Control+E
Right-align cell content Control+R

Inserting Graphics

While not typical, clip art can be added for visual impact or to make a point.  To add a picture to a spreadsheet, place the cursor in the cell where you want the picture to be placed.  Choose Insert, Picture, From File or Clip Art.  Select the picture from Clip Art or the file and it will appear in your spreadsheet.

Format Painter

Format Painter is a tool that enables you to create your worksheet and them apply formatting from one area to another.  This allows you to get a consistent look without a lot of work.  Make the first column look great and paint it everywhere else.

  • Select the cell or cells that are formatted like you want to copy 
  • If you want to apply to only one area--click once
  • If you want to apply to many areas--double click the Format Painter button
  • Your mouse appears as a paintbrush
  • Move to and select the cells you want to format like your original selection.  You will immediately see the change.
  • If you clicked once on Format Painter it will automatically turn off.  If you double-clicked continue to move and select.  When you finish you must click once on Format Painter to turn it off. 


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This page was updated on:  04/10/02