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Web Sites of Interest


Fun with Numbers (lots of unusual math problems)

Math Projects of the state of Hawaii (lesson plans, links, ideas)

Math Virtual Library (maintained by Florida State University)

American Mathematical Society

Math Software Guide

Geometry Forum

Mathematics in Education (Canadian Mathematical Community links for K-12 educators)

Math Man (math lessons and the Internet)

Math Maze (Math puzzles and mazes)

Texas Instruments (calculator software, lessons, downloads)

Calculators On Line

Math Archives (British site)

Electronic Journal of Differential Equations

MathsNet (British Math and technology site)

Ask Dr. Math  (sponsored by the Math Forum)

The Prime Page

21st Century Problem Solving

Dave's Math Tables 

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature (algebra)

Pi Mathematics

Euclid's Elements Introduction

The Geometry Center 

Berrie's Statistics Page

Chaos in the Classroom (chaos theory and fractals)

The Fruit Game Home Page (problem solving interactive game)

Introductory Guide to Statistics

K-12 Statistics Education

Taking Stock (5-12 project on the stock market)

AP Mathematics 

Calculus and Mathematica

Famous Curves Index

CPI Calculation Machine

Tessellation Tutorials

The Hub       Teacher Resource Links and Lesson Plans (site for TI graphing calculator ideas)

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