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Place in the header
Content/Grade Level

Title of Lesson Plan

Lesson Summary

Type the overview of your lesson plan here.  Two to three sentence summary of the lesson.

Objectives / SOL Correlation

Type your objective here.  Be sure to reference the SOL specifically.

Expected Student Outcomes

Type your expected outcomes. What must the student do to let you know he/she has mastered the objectives.  Mastery not beyond.


Enter necessary vocabulary.

Materials Needed

List all necessary materials.

Prerequisite Skills

Students should have some experience with the following:

Make a list of skills that should be taught prior to the lesson.


Step by step instructions.  Be sure to include the Interactive Notebook starter activity, notes, and extension.


How will you evaluate? Refer to your expected student outcomes.  Great place for your rubric!

Extension Activities

Additional activities that reinforce the material taught.  This could be a homework assignment or a suggestion for those students who want to go further in the subject.  

Place in the footer

Your name
Your school/school division

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