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Learning Experiences with the Net

A Cyber Journey is a learning experience on the Net.  

Lesson plan sites abound on the Net.  Just a few ideas will be listed here and a large group of links will appear at the bottom to take you to sites that offer large numbers of plans that teachers share with all who wish to use them.  Take advantage of your colleagues and take a lesson, try it, fit it to your style, and when you create your Cyber Journey--share it.

K-5    A favorite activity for elementary students has always been based on the book Flat Stanley.  Flat Stanley (a paper cut out figure) visits places and sends pictures of his travels.  He offers geographic experiences to a class that is "stuck" in the classroom.  After reading the book, create a "Flat Child in your class" and send him on his travels.  Using digital camera technology and the Internet, Flat "Child" can e-mail your class and include attached pictures of his/her adventures.  (You need a computer literate parent(s) who will provide the pictures and e-mails.)

6-8    Science students can easily find much information on the planets and space covered in their curriculum.  As NASA comes under fire for a "bad" year, students could be assigned the task of preparing a report to defend the space program to maintain the funding.  Since NASA is an essential part of the Tidewater economy, interest and information is easy to find.  Create groups and have students prepare their defense and present it to the class.  Presentations could be using PowerPoint or other presentation software or they could provide a written brief or write a story.  A good starting point would be

9-12    Scavenger hunts are excellent ways to introduce students to the internet.  Search under scavenger hunt, topic, K-12 and you will find many choices.  These activities test student search skills and hone their selection of keywords.  Have them record the site as well as the answer to questions posed in the hunt.  Some sites to visit to seek instructional ideas include Turner broadcasting the CNN sites  CNN student news

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