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What is a Jump-off page?

A Jump-off page is a web page that is developed to guide instruction.  It consists of websites and links that relate to the instructional objectives.  On the web is a tool for creating these pages at Trackstar.

What is the purpose of a Jump-off page?

Jump-off pages can be extremely helpful when you are using the Internet for instruction.  It helps focus the lesson and discourages students from going "off course."  It also adds organization to your lessons.  Students simply load the Jump-off page and point the mouse and click on the sites that you have selected as part of your lesson.

How do you create a Jump-off page?

Unless you have some type of editor, you will need to use notepad to create a simple Jump-off page.  Using basic HTML, you can create a very useful instructional tool.   Follow the steps listed below:

1.  Using Notepad, begin with the basic tags.



<title>Title goes here</title>



2.  Next, type the heading for your page.

<h1 align=center>Heading for Jump-off page</h1><br>

3.  On the next line, add your first link to a interesting site.

<a href="">Microsoft Site</a><br>

4.  Continue to add links as needed.  Be sure to place a break "<br>" after each one.

5.  When you are finished, click "save as" and type the name of the file.  Be sure to add "html" as the file extension and change the File Type to All Files.

ex.  practice.html

Valuable Resources

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This page was updated on:  04/10/02