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Using a Browser (Netscape)

  • Netscape Tutorials
  •     Web Browsers
  •     Links Page
  •     Netscape Online
  • Navigator Screen
  • Using the Navigation Toolbar
  • Using Help
  • Opening a World Wide Web Site
  • Parts of the URL
  • Using the Find Option
  • Changing the Default Home Page
  • Using the History List
  • Bookmarks (Using Netscape)
    • Setting
    • Editing
    • Organizing
  • Setting Preferences


Acceptable Use Policies

  • Top 10 guidelines for Internet Use.   
  • Internet safety rules for students.

Searching the Internet

Integrating Internet Text and Graphics

  • Saving Information (html and text)
  • Copying and Pasting Information
  • Obtaining Internet Graphics

Copyright and the Internet                  

Evaluating Web Sites

  • Purpose for Evaluation
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Model Evaluation Instruments
  • Evaluation of Web Sites

Great Classroom Connections

  • School Web Pages
  • Virtual Tours
  • Key pals
    • e-mail and classroom use
    • restrictions and options to consider
  • Global Projects
  • Ask an Expert
  • Research

Lesson Planning with the Internet

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