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Ideas for Using the Internet in the Classroom


  • Conduct a survey.  Have students link up with a class in the city and check out the favorite cafeteria lunch.  Spreadsheets could be used to track the data collected.  This could end up being a favorite math lesson.
  • Other survey topics:  voter registration and the November election; community history; favorite book, periodical, movie, web site; computer use; hobbies; the list is unlimited.
  • Have students contact other schools as reporters and create a newsletter of important events in Chesapeake Public Schools.  this activity could use desktop publishing skills, word processing skills, and the internet.
  • Have students survey for "Questions that should be asked on Who wants to be a Millionaire"  Create a database of questions to be used for SOL review practice in your classroom.
  • Create scavenger hunts.  Geography is a weak area and scavenger hunts dealing with this topic are plentiful on the web.  Have students survey other classes in different locations to collect geographic questions about their home areas.
  • Trade story starters with another class/school or write a never-ending story using e-mail.  E-mail a starter with instructions to return it to your class after x additions to the story.
  • Swap newsletters with other schools.  Create a column in your class/school newsletter ...Notes from the Internet!
  • Create a Multimedia presentation swap with another school.  Have students create a presentation, QuickTime movie, digital picture and exchange it.  View it with your class and write a story of the impressions that the swap created.  Exchange e-mail to check to see if the presentation accurately described the originator of the e-mail.
  • Send a letter to the President.  Have them create a persuasive letter or whatever type of writing you are teaching at the time.  Send the best to the president These letters are answered by an automated e-mail service, occasionally by a real person and sometimes by the president.
  • Exchange poetry over the web.  
This page was updated on:  04/10/02