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Teaching and Testing the Virginia Standards of Learning Grade K-5


Unpacking the SOL

Strategies:  Ideas and Thoughts

Visual Imaging:  How to Aid Memory


General K-5 Sites

        A to Z Teacher Stuff   


        Federal Resources for Educaitonal Excellence

        Ed Helper (worksheets and lesson plans)

        Teacher Files

        Learning Network--Social Studies Lessons and Resources

        School Express

        Idea Box

        Free Demo Schoolhouse Fonts

        Lesson Plans from JMU


        Kid's Domain Clip Art

        Lesson plans on Holidays and Celebrations

        One step list of sites of interest to all areas

        Sites for Teachers

        Snaith Primary School (British lower grade school lots of great stuff!  Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Vikings, Aztecs and much much more!)

        The Teacher's Page

K-3 Content Specific sites

        George Washington Online

        President's Day Homepage


        All About China


        Ancient Egypt Teaching Resources

        Chronology of Ancient Egypt

        Tour Historic Egypt

        Virtual Cartouche Nameplate

        As the Nile Turns

        Discovery Channel Mummified!  The Match Game

       Geo Game

    Famous Virginians in the K-3 SOL

Grade 4-5 Content Specific sites

Virginia History Sites

More Virginia History Sites

Virginia People of Interest

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