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The 60’s


The 1960’s to most of you seems like something way in the past. To many others, myself included, it seems like only yesterday. I’m sure that your parents or grandparents have mentioned many different things that happened in the ‘60’s.  But, what did happen in the 1960’s that impacted the decades to come and your generation?  Some subjects we will look at will include: Changes In Society, Vietnam, Politics, Rock and Roll and Revolution, and Individual Achievements. 

Follow the links to the sites listed below. After you read the questions that follow the links, you will then go to the link and read the information.   After reading the information you will be able to answer the questions.


Letters from Prison by Martin Luther King Jr. were written from where and when?

What were Freedom Rides, where and when did they first begin?


Did Malcolm X see violence as an option in securing equal rights?



The 1969 case Weeks v. Southern Bell decided what?


According to Stalin the “Cold War” was caused by?

The United States objective in Vietnam was?

What Resolution gave President Johnson authority to use "all necessary measures" to deal with "aggression" in Vietnam?

What year was Kennedy elected President?

What religion was Kennedy and why was this important?

What years did Kennedy serve as President?

What were the first words spoken when Apollo 11 landed (on the Moon) in the Sea of Tranquility?

Which band released what song in October 1962?  It sold a respectable 100,000 copies, and was the last time that this band would release a single that sold less than a half-million.

What band was billed as “rebellious, non-conformist, threatening,” as opposed to the Beatles' "cleaner" image?,1855,6826-53835,00.html

Jimi Hendrix played renegade version of "Star Spangled Banner” at this festival during 1969?

This event on May 4th 1970, is considered by some to be the death of the 1960’s, what was it?  

How many people were killed, injured?

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