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Sparks Fly
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Clip Art on the Web

Searching for a specific multimedia component:

Multimedia: FAST Multimedia Search; 
WebSEEk - keyword search or browse content-based images and videos (slow).
FindSounds - locates sound effects and sample sounds.

Classroom Clipart

Icon Mania

Art History Images

American Memory US historical maps, motion pictures, photos and prints, sound recordings.

Richman's list of picture/art sites.

Barry's Clip Art Server
(this goes to a site that has entry into lots of clip art.  Just click on the tabs and move between the various clip art sites.  Can be confusing!)

The Whole Internet Guide to Clip Art (links page)

Creative Insanity

Viki Mouse

All Free Backgrounds




Inside Microsoft PowerPoint.  ZD Journals.  Vol. 6, No. 8, August, 1999, p. 7.

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