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Evaluating Web Resources

General areas for consideration when determining the worth of a web site.

  • Is the source listed?  Is it recognizable? Does the site offer links to the author of the information for verification?
  • Is the site up-to-date?  When was the site last updated?  Does it tell you that information?  Are the resources current?
  • Does the author site bibliographic information for information found on the site?
  • Who sponsors the site?  Is it a front for an organization? Advertisement? Biased?
  • Does the information presented make sense?
  • Does the site ask for personal information from you?

Some good sites with information about evaluation of web sites visit

Kathy Schrock Critical Evaluation Surveys

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Cyber Guide Ratings for Content Evaluation

Creditability and Web Evaluation

Evaluating Web Resources

Criteria for Evaluations of Web Materials

Website Evaluation Rubrics



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