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Website IdeasTeaching Ideas Using the Internet

Economics Connections

Economics Is Fun

VDOE—Economics Connections for the Elementary Strand

Click on link and the Adobe Acrobat file will open the materials

Innovative Classroom

Lesson ideas, activities for students, time management in the classroom.

Great set of certificates to use with students (go to Archive,


Gateway at Cornell University

Elementary Economics SOL/Literature Connections

Excellent site with links to lessons that integrate literature and the economics strand of the Virginia Standards of Learning

Economics/Literature Connections

The Goat in the Rug

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

Make Way for Ducklings

Novels with Literature connections

Connections for 32 books to the Economics Strand

Education Planet—gateway to lesson plans, activities, games, and ideas


California TeachNet Web Links for Economics

ProTeacher—Especially for the Elementary Teacher

Connections+  Lesson Plans and Ideas

EduPlace—Economics Ideas and Lessons

Maryland Online Teacher Resource—economic indicator, activities, literature connections, lesson plans

Grade 1 Links Page from Shoreline Social Studies Curriculum

Knowledge Network Economics Links—K-12 Resources

Economic Lesson Plan Links to Resources

Texas Links to Governmental Agencies that deal with Economic Issues

Access Indiana Lesson Plans

Civics Connections

Ben’s Guide

Civics web site full of ideas, lessons, activities.  Fully teaches the

branches of government.

Knowledge Adventure Home Page

Lesson ideas, games, and activities.

School Net

Gateway to lesson plans, units, activities in various subject areas.

Thematic Units

Connecting Students--units in various subjects

Bill of Rights Rap

Virtual tours--index of sites

Sites for Kids

Biography Maker


Lesson plan sites for Social Studies/History

Links to History and Government sites

Documents of Freedom

Sole mates:  The History of Shoes

Teaching Strategies

NYC Tenement Museum

National Kids Trust

National Archive of Speeches through American History

American Memory

The History Place

Liberty:  The American Revolution (PBS Series)

Marching Tour of the American Revolution

The Underground Railroad

Journey thru Slavery:  Africans in American (PBS Series)

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