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Electronic Resources and Presentation Tools

Course Syllabus 

1)     Introduction (1 hour)

a)     Course objectives and Virginia Standards of Learning

b)     Software terminology/Hardware terminology

c)      Discussion and demonstration of multimedia production programs

2)     Introduction to Information Databases (3 hours)
a)     Author, Title, Keyword searching
b)     Boolean Logic/Narrowing and broadening searches
c)      Practice searching databases and the Internet

3)     Ethical and Legal Issues (1 hour)

a)     Copyright

b)     Plagiarism

c)     Authority of Reference

4)     Introduction to Multimedia Presentation Software (1 hour)

a)     Program tutorial

b)     Viewing samples

5)     Effective Presentations (1 hour)
a)     Effective use of color, graphics, and text
b)     Output formats
        i)        Slide Show
        ii)      Handouts
        iii)    Outlines
        iv)    Self-running programming
        v)      HTML

6)     Creating a Multimedia presentation (4 hours)

a)     Slides

b)     Graphics

c)      Text

d)      Buttons/Links

e)      Sound and animation

7)     Multimedia Projects (1 hour)
a)     Multimedia lesson
b)     Ideas for student projects
c)      Plans for teaching multimedia production to students

8)     Development of Student Activities (3 hours)

Final ActivityŚLesson Plan

Final Hands-on activityŚlast thirty minutes of class.  Test is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

***This class meets some of the requirements for the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.  Any class that addresses these standards must include a concluding activity where the individual must demonstrate the skills taught in the class.

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